The French Rugby Federation commissioned us the direction of 4 videos promoting the 7-a-side game. The goal is to appeal to an increasingly large audience through offbeat and fun brand content inspired by the unique french glamour.

The Paris 7s marks a stage in this tournament that crosses several cities around the world. As each city builds its own communication system, the identity of the French stage was built around the stereotypes of French romanticism, the Moulin Rouge and the French cancan, without distorting the sporty and extremely physical nature of this discipline.

Above all, Rugby 7 is a show filled with spectacular costumes and performances that create an incredible atmosphere. For this project, we tackled the traditional drawing technique due to its endless narrative possibilities. We were thus able to disguise the players, transform them into a super Sayan, a hipster, or a cabaret dancer, bringing a little of the madness of the stands onto the pitch. The ending packshot, meanwhile, is a mix between 3D and classic 2D. The « This is sevens » is part of a larger media campaign.


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    Studio River
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    Studio River