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Each new season on G-One and J-One television channels is marked by an extraordinary trailers. The international media group, Viacom, which includes MTV among its channels, enlisted River to create these remarkable video.

For G-One, we crafted a visually stunning universe inspired by the world of video games. It’s a dynamic and modern experience that immerses viewers in a vibrant and pop-inspired homage to geek culture.

For J-One, we embarked on a visual journey inspired by the nighttime views of Tokyo and its captivating neon lights. Our aim was to infuse modern and dynamic scenes with cultural references, inviting viewers to explore the richness of Japanese culture.

Collaborating with Viacom, River successfully created visually captivating film that transcend expectations. Each video reflects the unique themes of G-One and J-One, instantly captivating viewers. These films showcase our commitment to artistic innovation and the creation of immersive experiences.

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Studio River

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