Motion Plus Design

Every year, Motion Plus Design returns to Tokyo and every year Kook Ewo and his team announce the event with a fast-paced trailer that offers a glimpse of the talent of the speakers. For this edition we decided to build an Opener with its own identity. While playing the trailer card and its criteria (date, location and sponsors), we introduced a personal bit of storytelling.

We wanted to talk about Artificial intelligence and raise the question of how we feel about this new reality. We chose to imagine the creative entity of the future, a kind of humanoid combining AI technologies with the organic perfection of the human brain.

Basicaly The idea of this movie stems from a rather obvious observation: AI is now omnipresent, and its performance is constantly increasing. So what form will the creative profession take in the years to come? Are we to evolve and deal with this new situation, or must we fight it at all costs?

Info & Credits

Client :
Motion Plus Design

Production :
Studio River

DA – Post Production :
Studio River

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