This commercial was built with the goal of arousing curiosity while revealing as little as possible about its subject, form, or purpose.

The brief came with few guidelines and lots of creative freedom. So we chose to reimagine the universe as a retro-futuristic delirium and sketch the spatial tribulations of a humanoid that we had to create from scratch. Our mission was both to intrigue and to reassure the viewer.

That’s why during the design phase, we opted for simple shapes yet rich in detail, for an aesthetic halfway between children’s cartoons and the Star Trek imagery.

For several months, our team was involved in designing the Yers community universe with its symbols, its design system, and its language. Here is a snippet.

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Studio River

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Studio River

Yers Client

A video that plunges us into the world of Yers, describing the services as well as the advantages offered by the system.