This year the River was proud to partner with Motion Plus Design Paris, for the festival’s sixth edition. On this occasion, we created a short video to present our works. But rather than offering yet another showreel based on customer references, we preferred to produce a unique film built around storytelling and personal artistic experiments.

We then went on to write a short video format, cut out like a showreel in terms of rhythm and form, but composed of shots exclusively developed for the occasion. Each shot would be following a different artistic direction to illustrate the different versatile visual approach of the agency. The idea was to offer a more authentic format than the mere showreel, with a pinch of humor that characterizes us, but also to make fun of ourselves as well as of the assumptions and the clichés in our professional field.


  • Client:
    Studio River
  • Production:
    Studio River
  • DA – Post Production :
    Studio River