Studio River

The concept for this film was inspired by the recent feeling of seclusion caused by the covid pandemic.

The plot takes place inside a home, a living space meant to be safe and cozy. Instead, during the long lockdowns we were constrained to, it became more and more oppressive while the mask became the symbol of these uncertain expectations that millions of people were experiencing.

A mask floats in the air and when in contact with different objects, it generates a shock wave that modifies the laws of gravity, transforming our perception of things, breaking its peaceful and calm atmosphere. The home is no longer prone to the usual routine.

Instead, it becomes a lively place, its reality deconstructed offering a fantasized vision of isolation. Between hallucination and frustration the space stretches, the limits blur, and the objects switch their primary function. The house is gradually covered in blue, the very color of the mask that marks the passing of time and the change in lifestyle that it generates.

Graphically and dynamically, we explore the hazardous perceptions of an idle mind stimulated by very confinement. The message is not meant to be disturbing. On the contrary, we’d like to stress the idea that confinement can be experienced as a form of imprisonment flirting with psychosis, but also an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration.

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Studio River

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Studio River

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Studio River