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Having our signature fragrance marks a major accomplishment for the RIVER brand. This fine eau de parfum was mastered by the perfumers of our studio and it blends several natural essences with the rose petal being the dominant one. The pink glass bottle is embellished with crystal details for a more premium look. Price. 50ml / 89 euro. Jokes aside, we decided to work on a few beauty shots for an imaginary perfume.

River Paris is short format film about an imaginary perfume. We wanted to work on a perfume advertisement concept so we invented our own fragrance and decided to play with the classic codes of the genre, like a basic premise, asking ourselves what we could bring to it personally, what we could transgress without altering the format.

So we started from the name of the studio and extracted a narrative that focuses on what a ‘river’ symbolises.

A river is this bridge that connects the land to the sea, it is the necessary connection between two universes that are often opposed and yet inseparable. We decided the movie would combine the imagery of the sea with that of the land.

So we attempted to bring these elements into dialogue, like a chef around a land/sea dish. Also the roses and the diamonds respond to the movements of the water and the silhouettes of the coral, they intertwine and end up absorbing each other to give birth to our perfume.

The narrative is largely based on this parallelism. From the rose emerges a singularity, a drop of water, like an oyster with its pearl, which will gradually transform from liquid form to rigid. The perfect diamond will then be adorned with asperities such as can be observed on a coral reef. The transitions put in place are carried by a characteristic change of rhythm similar to that of the waves in the ocean, all embellished with omnipresent aquatic sound imagery.

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Studio River

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Studio River

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Studio River

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